Monday, March 31, 2008

Detonator blast might be handiwork of naxals, police suspect

Chennai, March 30 Yesterday's detonator blast in a railway track between Samalpatti and Thasampatti near Oothangarai in Krishangiri district, might have been the handiwork of naxals, who were at the receiving end in the wake of recent crackdown on them.

Police suspect that considering that it had taken place near Oothangari, a place once a beehive of naxal activity and where top naxal leader Siva was killed in an encounter with the police a few years back, the naxals would have planted the detonators at the track which exploded when the Patna-Ernakulam Express train passed through.

However, the passengers of the train had a miraculous escape.

Though police said the gelatine sticks used at the railway track near Krishnagiri might have been brought for stone quarry purpose, police also suspect that the blast would have been done by the naxalites following a series of setback suffered by them. It may be noted that two days ago, six Tamil terrorists were arrested in Cuddalore. Also, 11 persons belonging to Tamil Nadu Liberation Army were sentenced to ten years imprisonment in connection with the 1994 bomb attack at Kullanchavadi police station in which a policeman was killed.

The Madurai High Court also ordered 10 years imprisonment for Punithan, a naxalite involved in Kodaikanal blast. Following the verdict, a group decided to raise funds in Chennai, so that they could appeal in the Supreme Court. However, police refused to give them permission to conduct the meeting at a marriage hall in the city. Also, police refused to give permission to Gaddar, a popular ballad singer and a sympathiser of Naxalite to participate in a conference in Chennai. The meet was organised to extend support for the arrested women naxalites near Oothangarai after the encounter killing of Siva. Following a series of setbacks, the irritated naxalites would have planted the gelatine blasts near the railway track, police said. - Bureau Report

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