Friday, February 8, 2008

Ulfa rebels give police the slip

Guwahati, Feb. 7: One of the most wanted Ulfa militants in Upper Assam, involved in the abduction and killing of social worker Sanjoy Ghose, managed to give security forces the slip in Majuli today.
Pradip Bora alias Rajib Das was one of a group of six militants taking shelter in the house of one Khogeswar Bora in Dhuachola village.
When police raided the village early this morning, the militants lobbed a grenade at them and opened fire. Constable Mukul Ali was injured by grenade splinters.
Police said a militant was also injured, but managed to escape. They suspect that Amrit Dutta, another militant wanted in the Sanjoy Ghose case, was among the gang.
Khogeswar later told the police that the rebels had arrived at his house at midnight and demanded shelter. The police believe he is lying and that he is an Ulfa sympathiser.

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