Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Police Corruption Los Algodones Mexico

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Police order driver out of car at gunpoint while in line to cross the border into USA

By Valerie Dee Mosso

Police corruption in Los Algodones has not ceased as promised by the Mexican officials in Mexicalli, Baja California. A driver in his own vehicle was ordered out of the car at gunpoint last Friday night while in line to cross the border thru the customs at Los Algodones. He was taken to back streets, handcuffed and beaten, and thrown in the local jail. The treatment was inhuman, and completely unjustified. The driver, a legal permanent resident of USA was given no mercy at the hand of the corrupt Police official, who impounded his car, stole all his cash out of his wallet, and ransacked the car, and stole his cell phone. Jesus Mosso, spent the night shackeled and was refused the use of the bathroom and had to urinate in his pants. The Police told him that if he gave them $200. they would make this all go away. He could not give the money, as it was already stolen out of his wallet by this time. AT the present moment, the Police also have his car, and are demanding $400.00 to give it back. Jesus denies any wrong doing, and is currently undergoing medical treatment for broken ribs and gashes to his face from Police brutality.


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