Sunday, February 3, 2008

The march of Uribe supporters

Received by Email
By: Iván Márquez/ Rodrigo Granda/ FARC EP/Mountains of
Our America

Translated from:

The march of Uribe supporters, of RCN, Caracol, El
Tiempo, the narco-paramilitaries, of a few bishops,
the big business people, the manipulators of opinion,
the warmongers, the enemies of the humanitarian
exchange and peace; has triggered in its final stages
an unavoidable avalanche of questioning around its
true intentions.

The relatives of the prisoners of war, those who
really hurt, who have never been heard by Uribe or
Washington, will not attend the politicized march of
the 4th of February. A march originating out of the
counter-insurgency strategy of the State and which
seems to be the shameless subtle launching of the
third Presidential election campaign of "Don Varito
Corleone Uribe". The relatives decided to meet instead
in a Te Deum to clamour for the humanitarian exchange
and for peace in Colombia.

The campaign’s clear Uribista motivation was reason
for the Workers Centrals and for many Colombian
political and social organizations to distance
themselves from the organizing group which is
logistically assisted by the government, and to
independently organize manifestations for the exchange
and for peace.

Let’s the children of the public and private schools
of Colombia not be used by those who promote the
"Security for Investments" and its military component,
the Plan Patriota. The fact that the paramilitary
capos of the chain-saws, the massacres and graves, are
among those calling for and financing this
mobilization supported by the silence of the
government, is another reason to distance oneself from
such an outrageous manipulation.

The slogan must be "for the humanitarian exchange and
for peace in Colombia", as upheld by the relatives of
the prisoners of war in control of the contending
parts. The way for the humanitarian exchange is the
military clearing of Pradera and Florida. The
suffering of those in captivity has been unjustifiably
extended for 5 years due to the cruel intransigency
and the vain pride of President Uribe, who has made a
mockery of all the mediations and has slammed the most
effective one, that of President Chávez.

Mountains of Colombia, January 31 of 2006

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