Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fidel: I witnessed the "exploits" of McCain in Vietnam

The Cuban representative recalled his visit to Viet Nam in 1973, where he witnessed the aid that Cuban doctors of the delegation accompanying him to Vietnamese children wounded by American bombs. Warns the economic crisis facing McCain from three articles published recently. Warns the economic crisis facing McCain from three articles published recently.

The president of Cuba, Fidel Castro, published on Thursday its fourth "Reflection" on the pre Republican candidate John McCain, who is promoted by his party as a former pilot "hero" of the Vietnam war.

Incidentally, Fidel Castro recalled his visit to Viet Nam on September 12, 1973.

"The bridges, without exception, along the trail, visible from the air between Hanoi and the South, were actually destroyed, villages, destroyed, and every day the grenades thrown cluster bombs for that purpose, exploded in rice fields where women, children and even elderly elderly worked producing food, "he recalls. "

The Cuban representative believes the Vietnamese "impressive", after stating that "it is not known how many were able to withstand bombs."

"That same afternoon of September 15, returning by different route, collected three children wounded, two of them very serious, a girl aged 14 was in a state of shock with a piece of metal in the abdomen. Children worked the land when azadón made a casual contact with the grenade. Cuban doctors accompanying the delegation gave them direct attention for hours and saved lives, "Fidel Castro. "

"I have witnessed, Mr McCain, the feats of the bombing of North Viet Nam, of which you are proud," he adds. "

In another area, Castro believes that the "fundamental problem" facing McCain is the economic crisis, "in the short term or immediate traverse America."

In this regard, the president of Cuba conducts an analysis article from Manuel Freytas, journalist, researcher and analyst, entitled "Why a recession in the United States can become a global crisis", and two others that came after him: " The shameful state of the Union, "Robert Weissman, a journalist with" CounterPunchy ", and" The American model is an idea that has reached its hour, "Amy Goodman, host of Democracy Now.

Fidel Castro concluded its fourth "Reflection" on John McCain and the American empire with an announcement: "For readers not to abuse, lack only a fifth."

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