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COMMUNIQUE OF Movimiento Revolucionario Tupac Amaru (MRTA)

In 11 years of making the residence of the Ambassador of Japan in Lima… turn each day's heroic struggle and creation in a December 17 stating the Revolution and Socialism

A day like today, 11 years ago, the night Limean estruendosa was shaken by the onslaught of a command of special forces of our organization, at the helm of our beloved and eternal commander Nestor Cerpa worker who took assault by the Japanese ambassador's residence in Lima . That night was quebraba forever the myth of indestructibilidad from dictatorship Fujimorista, while Latin American and world wide are lit another fire in absentia, dignity, courage and projection in the revolutionary struggle.

Sons and daughters of Tupac Amaru belonging to the command "Edgar Sanchez" the MRTA showed that while freedom is fighting conquest; that there was no truce that give the most infamous dictatorship that has lived to the Peruvian people. It could also show, the situation of slow annihilation that were being subjected to political prisoners-especially tupacamristas-fujimoristas in prisons. Parallel to this, the world could also be in the wrong "success" which involved the establishment of neoliberalism in Peru. It was a harsh blow to the power and established a strong signal that the rebellion in Peru had not been annihilated.

It spoke of the "death" of the MRTA, the "defeat" of our organization. And there we were, appearing once again, coming back and being material force, responding concerted and orderly manner according to political-military objectives clearly mapped out. Demostrábamos world to the living situation oprobiosa the Peruvian people, showing the disgusting level of impunity that the dictator had established in Peru. It showed at the same time the absolute moral superiority that the Tupacamarismo represents as high expression of the political revolution. There was humane treatment of detained there as opposed to the terrible situation in which crossed our comrades in the prison tombs built by the narco-terrorist dictatorship of Fujimori, Montesinos and Beautiful Rivers. That occasion was held various personalities involved in human rights violations such as the notorious case of Admiral Gianpietri who today is key to the alliance of power-Apro fujimorista and who is the bearer or spokesman for the most reactionary political regime. He also retained the head of the police against insurgent and for a few days which would be president of the republic Alejandro Toledo. None of them was able to even insinuate one mistreatment by the revolutionaries tupacamaristas. Other say that is the mother of the dictator Alberto Fujimori was in power of our organization, which was released in response to a directive aimed at liberating women, children, elderly people and anyone who does not represent or have connection with the fujimorismo dictatorial politics.

The political and military action in the Japanese residence was also a frame of reference for the projection of the struggle against the regime fujimorista. Where the left was in legal disband and demoralized, without leadership or moral practice appeared the revolutionary force of the MRTA showing that if they could beat the system in depth, which we were not defeated and that the long night but it could end up neoliberal , in any case, end up alone.

On 17 sow is a day that call for joy. Not remind our colleagues today; always walk with them. His whole life is fuel for our walk.

Today MRTA remains alternative is strengthened in the town. To our brothers and sisters in jail, we say they do not forget and that the MRTA does not renounce its release. But above all, we say now that the MRTA does not renounce its central objective is to MAKE THE REVOLUTION.

We call this day the various people's organizations, political forces local, regional, national field continue to deploy popular building practical alternatives to neoliberalism at the same time as strengthening the debate on the proposal fraternal comprehensive national, popular and revolutionary.

Turn each working day in a December 17: rebuilding the social fabric, rebuilding the organization Politico-Military, empowering people to achieve to be an expression of the territorialization of popular power, the neo-liberal model disputándole every neighborhood, every factory, every university. They will be and are small and big "attacks to heaven."

We claim and believes strongly in the action just developed our comrades in the context of neoliberal and narco-terrorist dictatorship headed by Alberto Fujimori, who is sitting today answering for crimes against the people.

However note that the situation in Peru with the governments of today with the Toledo and Garcia Perez are aggravated even in the economic and social constantly criminalize social protest and condemn the great majority live in the "leaks" the huge profits being carried transnational mining who in many cases destroying communities with histories and traditions besides causing irreparable harm to the environment. At the same time, this scenario is already dark cloud over the signing-without any discussion and the people behind-the NAFTA treaty which makes the helplessness vast sectors mainly peasants from the mountains and benefits only to the agro-export industry on the north coast of Peru, following the colonial tradition which affirms a single exclusionary Peru: white, coastal.

Faced with this scenario is appealing to the media show, the classic smokescreen psychosocial fujimorista. We seek death penalty against the revolutionaries and the publication of the names of persons who have been tried for subversion. Is it perhaps that the government aprista power bloc and the ruling are encouraged to publish the relationship of the characters prosecuted for corruption? Are dare to publish a list of businessmen who made magnificent and illegal business during the dictatorship? Fascism as a State policy. It pursue organizations and individuals claiming the need to build regional power blocs that can cope better the current global geopolitical system as is the case with those who defend the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America (ALBA), appointing commissions investigators were demonizes them in the press and an accomplice sold to large transnational interests. It is good to be with the United States and claim the FTA, but this evil to be in solidarity with Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua.

This December 17 the tupacamaristas continue affirming our commitment to our people, with workers from Peru, with the community, indigenous and marginalized by the system that promotes inequality. In this 11 anniversary of the seizure of the residence of the ambassador of Japan say that we have many more reasons and reasons to be proud, for the same thing we are still saying the revolution and socialism. We affirm from the right of our people to build and live in a society of social justice, the "bread and beauty."

There is no room for the pessimists in our ranks. There is no room for those without dreams. The revolution and socialism will emerge in Peru of an affirmative determination, vital. There of action rather than contemplation and melancholy. We hope and rebuilding a determined move to victory.

There is room for hope.






Strategic Direction

December - 2007

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